Humpty's Wish List

Our unique Wish List model gives donors
complete choice and transparency in their
giving and many of our donors choose to
support their local hospital or community
in this way. Humpty's Wish List has meant
that thousands of pieces of medical equipment
have been delivered straight to the hospitals
and health services who need them  creating
tangible and life changing outcomes for Australian
children and their families.


RADICAL-7 PULSE CO-OXIMETER, East Grampians Health Service, Inpatient Unit, VIC


This 3-in-1 device can be used as a bedside, handheld, or transport monitor. By shining a light through the baby's finger or toe, the oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in their capillaries. The oximeter sounds an alarm at the slightest change in oxygen levels, allowing life-saving action to be taken to prevent damage to organs such as the brain, lungs and eyes.

If you would prefer to request an invoice or pay by cheque/bank transfer, please call the Humpty team on (02) 9419 2410 or email