Humpty's Wish List

Humpty’s Wish List is what makes us unique.

The Wish List model gives donors complete choice
and transparency in their giving and many of our
donors choose to support their local hospital or
community in this way.

Every little life matters.

Support Humpty to help sick kids in hospital

For more than 30 years, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and its supporters have provided life saving healthcare initiatives and medical equipment for sick children in around 500 hospitals and health services across Australia.

To date, Humpty has raised more than $90 million, provided thousands of pieces of medical equipment and funded many healthcare initiatives and services to Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments across the country.

Your Wish List donation today will make an immediate and tangible difference.

Please note, the cost of the medical equipment as published by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation is an accurate estimate of the list price at the time of publication. It also includes an allowance for handling costs, delivery, handover costs and a plaque to acknowledge the donor. The actual cost of equipment may be different at the time of purchase. Any shortfall in the cost of the equipment will be paid by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, any surplus will be treated as a donation and will be used to financially support the Foundation.

The following medical equipment was specifically requested by hospitals and health services and assessed and approved by Humpty’s Medical Program Advisory Committee.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on any of the pieces below, please call Humpty on 1300-HUMPTY or email for assistance.

Chairman's Wishes

In consultation with Humpty's Medical Committee, we have selected these pieces of equipment as top priorities for the hospitals and health services that have requested them.

They will really make a huge difference to babies and children.

Humpty's Wish List

Under $5,000

Under $10,000

Under $20,000

Over $20,000

APLIO i700 ULTRASOUND MACHINE, Children's Hospital at Westmead, IBD Clinic, NSW


The Gastroenterology Unit at Children's Hospital at Westmead has reported 480 children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in its care. They currently diagnose 85-100 new patients each year and is increasing as the population increases across Western Sydney. These children have a lifelong inflammatory bowel problem, requiring expensive medications and treatment. Without these interventions, these children will have ongoing diarrhoea, anaemia, and poor educational and social functioning. However, they are currently being assessed through blood & stool tests as well as imaging which are quite distressing as well as having a long waitlist. Without a speedy diagnosis, the children will only be delayed in receiving treatment.

The Aplio i700 ultrasound machine is an established assessment tool for diagnosis and monitoring of IBD. It provides information on bowel wall thickness and its blood supply as the most significant correlations to disease activity. This method has the advantages of being non-invasive, radiation-free, well tolerated by paediatric patients; enabling them to receive treatment immediately and live a healthy and normal life.

Their team of clinicians and staff had raised funds of around $35,000 and has reached out to Humpty for help in order to be able to purchase this equipment.

Please contact the Humpty team on 1300-486-789 (1300-HUMPTY) or email if you would like more information or to donate this piece. 

ASCOM HAND HELD DEVICES, Monash Children's Hospital, VIC


This Australian-first project for Monash Newborn focuses on creating quieter and less stressful environments for premature and critically ill babies by supporting innovative technology that allows nurses to carry handheld vital signs monitors.

This technology enables them to receive critical alerts on their handsets and centrally at the staff station allowing for a quieter and calmer environment at the bedside for the patient and their families.

Monash urgently needs support to upgrade their handsets to integrate with their new state-of-the-art integrated information system, as their current devices will be reaching their end of life and will no longer be supported by the provider.

Please contact the Humpty team on 1300-486-789 (1300-HUMPTY) or email if you would like more information or to donate this piece.